Team Building

A team is an asset. It is what builds and keeps an organization together. So if you are a part of or lead a team, then it is very important that you arrange for a team building exercise.

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One of the first advantages of a team building exercise is the fact that it allows for intermingling between the team members. One of the easiest ways in which a team can be made to gel together is of course by allowing them enough space to know each other. If a team is only busy with work, chances are that they will not involve themselves in getting to know their colleagues. This can have an adverse effect on a team and reflect itself on the work that they do.

Celebration can also be an important effect of using team building exercises for your office. Let's face it! Work can often be monotonous and boring. An event out of work can act as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant environment. It is also a wonderful source of motivation for employees who crave for creativity.

Any psychiatrist will advise employers to think out of the box to engage their employees into bringing out their best. An important role here is played by creativity and initiative. A team building exercise is a great way in which you can gauge your employees, their likes and dislikes as well as their intrinsic areas of skill, out of work.

However, the most important area which this exercise helps to strengthen is of course collaboration. This is especially true in the cases of those exercises that build on team playing or role swapping. In fact role swapping can be a great exercise, because it helps give each team member the perspective of the other members. So the developer can see exactly how the QA can help in the process and vice versa!

Communication is also an important benefit of such exercises. You can opt for an event that perhaps gives an insight into the personal details of each team member, such as their hobbies, their families or backgrounds. Employees can describe these details on their own in a round robin format and also find other team members who perhaps, share these hobbies with them!

With a bit of involvement and an extra session, every organization can go a long way in building a strong team that not only works together but also laughs together!