Are You:

In search of professional and personal growth and don't know where to begin?

In the midst of a life or career transition and feeling lost?

Looking for balance and meaning in your work and life but cannot see ahead?

My expertise lies in guiding and helping you discover and take your Next Step.


  • Self-Awareness - Re-discover yourself: Take stock, find fresh perspective and explore new possibilities.
  • Self-Reliance - Build confidence: Identify your skills, understand your needs, and trust in your ability to make your choices.
  • Self-Fulfillment - Live up to your potential: Learn how to set your goals, act on them, find meaningful work and live a rewarding life.


Transitions and Changes
Manage leadership development and achieve personal growth through career and life changes and transitions successfully, proactively and with resilience.

Financial Know-How
Achieve financial self-reliance by becoming financially literate, and learning how to set viable and sustainable financial strategies, goals, and plans.

Retirement and Legacy
Move forward from “success to significance” with renewed confidence, purpose, passion and joy.

About Terry

Moved by her aspiration and commitment to contribute to the holistic personal and professional development of others, Terry founded The Next Step Coaching and Consulting, LLC. A virtual practice domiciled in Charlottesville, VA and Chicago, IL, service offerings include executive leadership and career/life coaching; as well as strategic financial and operational consulting. Terry’s clients include leaders and executives seeking to improve their leadership and managerial skills; as well as individuals in the midst of work-life transitions and looking for more fulfilling career opportunities and a richer and more sustainable work-life balance. Her institutional clients include the Harvard Business School, the Darden Business School, the University of Virginia and the Federal Executive Institute.